About MC's

A Missional Community is a group of people organized to give every man, woman, and child within our reach consistent encounters with Jesus.

At least once a month each group will be serving their "focus group" with the intent of showing the love of Christ and having Gospel-centered conversations. We want to love people towards Jesus and make our city a better place!

devon forest elementary MC

Led by David and Ashley Barton

The Devon Forest MC works to love and care for the awesome students, faculty, and administration of Devon Forest Elementary. This groups serves meals, birthday presents, and regular pick-me-ups throughout the year. 

This group meets on Monday nights.

The single parents mc

Led by Robert and Donna Chapman

The Single Parent MC supports and cares for single parents in Goose Creek. They have served meals, cookouts, childcare, and emotional support to many single parents in our area. With over 38% of our city's population being a single parent, this MC is very important. 

This group meets on Tuesday nights. 

Stratford High School MC

Led by James and BriAnne Newton

The Stratford MC works to serve and support the staff and administration of Stratford HS. This group has served breakfast, notes, and cookouts for Stratford. Want to get plugged in with the local High School? 

This group meets on Wednesday nights.